CTM has the technology to accelerate clinical trial patient recruitment, enrollment, and retention. We also custom-build to suit any client’s needs.



CliniHub™ is CTM’s clinical trial site selection service that utilizes a customized portal to automate and accelerate the process. It’s supported by CTM’s nurse-staffed call center, CliniCallRN™. Features and benefits include:

  • Quickly identifying the most qualified sites from a large database of active sites
  • Ability to customize to meet the requirements of each clinical study
  • Access to CliniCallRN™ nurses who can guide sites through the portal
  • Ability to organize site data for current and future studies
  • Private label marketing materials and portal pages
  • Promoting sponsor studies to attract new and qualified sites

Study Maximizer™

Study Maximizer™ is CTM’s advanced, user-friendly patient recruitment, enrollment, and retention tracking system that follows the status of every patient in the pipeline in real time.

From initial inquiry, Study Maximizer™ tracks recruitment by both patient and investigator. Study managers always know how a study is progressing with its easy-to-follow user interface. Study Maximizer™ details:

  • Patient status
  • Timeline adherence
  • ROI of every outreach tactic
  • Site productivity
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Sponsors expect sites to follow-up with referred patients promptly.

SMARTS™ is CTM’s patient referral platform that monitors and evaluate sites follow-up with patients who have passed an initial pre-screen. These potential subjects are interested in participating in a clinical study and anticipate immediate attention. Referred patients who are contacted while their interest is piqued are more likely to schedule their first site appointment. Benefits include:

  • A better patient experience
  • Accelerated patient enrollment
  • Ability to identify site follow-up with patients
  • Improved site performance
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Call center agents are often the first point of potential patient contact with a study. A person’s initial interaction can determine whether he or she consents to further screening. Patients benefit when speaking with a caring medical professional who has a clear understanding of the clinical trial process.

With CliniCallRN™, potential clinical study participants are screened and referred by nurses, doctors, and degreed medical professionals for a better patient experience.

Nurses, doctors, and other degreed professionals refer better quality patients and increase referral rates by as much as 30%. Ads that reference “Call and speak to a nurse” have a significantly greater impact on potential subjects than those that don’t.

ClinicallRN™ offers:

  • Scripts in any language, 24/7, in every world time zone
  • Nurses, doctors, and degreed medical professionals available to answer inquiries
  • Clinical trial retention services, including patient contact for appointments, dosing, and daily reminders
  • Outbound calling, case management, hotline support, and adherence
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SAM™ is CTM’s site advertising management portal.

CTM often recommends centralized patient recruitment campaigns to maintain creative continuity and to provide our outreach expertise on a macro level. Sometimes sponsors prefer empowering their sites to plan and place their own clinical trial advertising. They offer sites stipends and frequently relinquish creative and media buying control of those funds. The result is that those monies are oftentimes poorly spent. We developed a better way for both parties to benefit.

SAM™ is CTM’s user-friendly portal that houses our professionally produced advertising, pre-negotiated media options, and tracking for site engagement and spending. SAM™ provides:

  • Empowered sites and protected sponsors
  • An easy-to-use portal
  • Clinical site advertising support on a local level
  • CTM’s expertise to increase ROI for sites and sponsors
  • Real-time reports that track stipend spending
  • Increased patient flow
  • CTM-produced multi-media study materials customized for each site
  • No cost to sites and reduced sponsor cost compared to central advertising
  • White label opportunities
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ARTS™ is CTM’s clinical trial advertising response call tracking system.

This scalable platform routes calls through a dedicated toll-free number to the closest study site. When sponsors want sites to directly field calls instead of using a call center, ARTS™ is a great tactic to deploy.

ARTS™ tracks ROI from advertising with real-time reports that detail the response that each outreach medium generates. Assigned toll-free numbers log calls and distribute them appropriately in multiple and single site markets.

Advantages of using ARTS™ include:

  • Automated call routing
  • Unique toll-free number to track advertising and outreach tactic
  • Call tracking in real time, all over the world
  • IVR pre-screening that eases site burden
  • Results data that is used to optimize media recommendations
  • Metrics that can be integrated with our CLASS™ and Site Assist™ services
  • Enabling multiple site markets to share media costs, thereby maximizing clinical trial advertising spend
  • No IRB approval required
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Text messaging is an integral clinical trial patient recruitment and retention tool.

TrialText™ is CTM’s global text messaging platform. It operates on its own or with media outreach and CliniCallRN™, our nurse-staffed global call center. It is essential in engaging patients and sites throughout a trial. TrialText™ accelerates recruitment and enhances enrolled patient compliance and retention. Features and benefits include:

  • Providing clinical study respondents and participants with a convenient way to communicate with sites
  • Pre-screens study candidates
  • Reminding enrolled patients about dosing and appointments
  • Reminding sites to engage with a patient, or that there is an upcoming appointment
  • Integration with Study Maximizer™ to track patients
  • Global usage in the patient or site’s local language
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Retain 3D™

Retain3D™ is CTM’s clinical trial retention platform that’s designed to support sites in maintaining patients enrolled in a trial. It tracks patient progress, activity, and helps to keep subjects in compliance with study requirements. Retain3D™ also accommodates patient communication. Retention services include:

  • Tracking the patient throughout their journey
  • Patient reminders regarding appointments, dosing, and diary entries via text, email, and voice
  • CliniCallRN™ call center outreach
  • Lost-to-Follow-Up patient contact to re-engage subjects who have lost interest in study participation and get them back on track
  • Subject motivation programs to reward patients for continuing to participate or those who have completed their clinical study requirements
  • Transportation support for patients who are either too infirm or too far away to travel to a site
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