Strategic Planning & Management

SMART TACTICS, EXPERTLY DEPLOYEDProactive project management to help keep studies on track

Since 1995, we have developed clinical trial patient recruitment and retention plans for over 1100 studies. We approach each one with a fresh perspective. CTM works closely with sponsors, CRO’s, sites, and other industry providers to help them enroll study patients.


Site Selection

One of the biggest challenges in conducting a clinical trial is selecting the best investigative sites.

Sites that fail to meet enrollment goals delay study completion and add costs. CliniHub™ is CTM’s site selection service that utilizes a customized portal to automate and accelerate the process and is supported by CTM’s nurse-staffed call center, CliniCallRN™. Features and benefits include:

  • Quickly identifying the most qualified sites from a large database of active sites
  • Ability to customize to meet the requirements of each study
  • Access to CliniCallRN™ nurses who can guide sites through the portal
  • Ability to organize site data for current and future studies
  • Private label materials and portal pages
  • Promotion of sponsor studies to attract new and qualified sites
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Study Analysis

Before CTM makes recommendations for a clinical trial patient recruitment and retention program, we perform a comprehensive analysis of the therapeutic area, protocol, and coordination of a study. Based on our conclusions, we provide a strategic direction that addresses budgets, goals, expectations, and timelines.

  • Protocol criteria
  • Study subject profile
  • Site and patient process (including contact and follow-through)
  • Clinical trial site locations
  • Allocated budget
  • Our historical metrics for the therapeutic area
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Patient Database Review

Clinical trial patient recruitment at the site level begins with a review of existing patient databases. However, sites sometimes need help with identifying all eligible subjects within their own medical practice. CTM assists in finding them.

PDR™ is CTM’s patient identification service. We support participating sites by dedicating specially trained personnel to review their patient databases. This maximizes patient recruitment and saves time and resources for sponsors. We provide:

  • A trained nurse to view a site’s medical records to identify more potential clinical study patients
  • Onsite patient screening to free up clinical site personnel
  • Call center patient screening for study qualification and appointment scheduling
  • Text, email or “snail” mail to inform potential study candidates of their eligibility
  • EHR integration where it’s feasible
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Clinical Trial Media Planning & Buying

Since 1995, sponsors and industry providers have turned to CTM for our global media planning and buying expertise.

Clinical trial advertising is usually required when a site’s patient database is not robust enough to offer enough qualified subjects for a study.

CTM conducts a comprehensive analysis of each site’s geography to determine the best media strategy and options. Having worked on over 600 studies spanning many therapeutic areas, CTM has industry-leading experience and expertise to generate immediate and targeted potential patient response. Clinical trial advertising tactics we may employ include:

  • Online Search
  • Online Display and Native
  • Social Media
  • Television Advertising
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Out of Home
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Project Management

CTM’s Senior Account Directors and Project Managers help keep clinical studies on track and on schedule. They oversee a dedicated team of patient recruitment, enrollment and retention specialists that we assemble at the inception of every project.

A service provider’s project management can make or break the success of a clinical study. An effective team should be experienced, savvy, nimble and their work should be precise. CTM’s project management teams are well-respected within the clinical trial industry because they communicate and respond promptly, effectively, and proactively. Their attention to detail is excellent and fast turnaround is how they operate. They are one of the reasons why sponsors, CROs, sites and other service providers consistently turn to us to enroll their studies.

At the outset of a project, CTM mobilizes the following personnel depending on the scope of work:

  • A Project Manager and Coordinator
  • Creative development staff
  • Online and offline media buyers
  • Site Support Specialists
  • CliniCallRN™, including nurses
  • Technology Operations specialists
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