Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment & Site Support

UNRELENTING IN OUR PURSUIT OF PATIENTS. SITE SUPPORT TO HELP ENROLL THEMTargeted outreach, technology solutions and site assistance

CTM has been dedicated to clinical trial patient recruitment since 1995. We have the experience, expertise, technology, and services to recruit and enroll patients for all indications.


Patient Outreach

Global media planning, buying, and database outreach.

Since 1995, the clinical trial industry has turned to CTM for our media planning and buying expertise. We target potential patients at the right time and place for maximum results. Our proven approach saves sponsors recruitment time and money all over the world.

CTM’s media department has vast experience in recruiting clinical study patients using all forms of online and offline media. We cultivate close advertising relationships that provide us with media buying advantages that other firms simply can’t offer. CTM’s clinical trial recruiting expertise extends to targeting special populations, including children, seniors, and minorities.

Depending on the project, we use a strategy of media buying, combing patient records, and implementing opt-in database outreach integrated with our call center, CliniCallRN™, to boost recruitment. CTM’s media buying and other outreach tactics include:

  • Online search
  • Online Display and Native
  • Social Media
  • Database outreach by therapeutic area
  • Television Advertising
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Out of Home
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing
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Physician Outreach

Physicians outside of a study’s investigator network have eligible patients to refer to sites.

CTM utilizes various strategies to engage and encourage these physicians to discuss clinical trial participation with their patients, with a goal of guiding them towards engaging with the study.

There are many ways to cultivate additional physician partners by therapeutic area. Some of our clinical trial recruitment tactics include:

  • Medical Journal advertising
  • Targeted online advertising
  • Convention promotion opportunities
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Mailers
  • CliniCallRN™ call center outreach
  • Opt-in email follow up
  • In-network PI outreach
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Patient Awareness Campaigns

CTM collaborates with sites to engage advocacy and support groups in their area to promote a clinical trial.

Together we identify recruitment opportunities and seek to create local partnerships to extend a study’s visibility. Some of the public relations channels we pursue include:

  • Press releases circulated to relevant local media
  • Reaching out to the local disease chapters of national societies
  • Seeking inclusion in local publications, websites, newsletters, and bulletin boards to promote a study
  • Cultivating relationships with key opinion leaders and patient advocates
  • Sponsoring community events
  • Creating flyers, posters, and brochures for promotional use
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Local Advertising Support for Sites

CLASS™ stands for CTM’s centralized local advertising stipend support, where we help sites to maximize their sponsor allocations.

This service enables sponsors and sites to benefit from our proven clinical trial advertising expertise by providing maximum ROI from study stipends. CTM’s hands-on guidance allows sites to focus on providing healthcare and sponsors to maintain branding continuity for their studies.

CLASS™ provides:

  • Site advertising support from our Site Support Specialists
  • Clinical trial advertising expertise to increase ROI for sites and sponsors
  • Weekly reports to sponsors to track stipend spending
  • Increased patient flow
  • CTM professionally-produced call-to-action ads
  • Customized ads for each site
  • No cost to sites and is less than the expense of a centralized clinical trial advertising campaign
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Site Stipend Management Portal

SAM™ is CTM’s site advertising management portal.

CTM often recommends centralized clinical trial patient recruitment campaigns to maintain creative continuity and to provide our outreach expertise on a macro level. Sometimes sponsors prefer empowering their sites to plan and place their own clinical study advertising. They offer sites stipends and frequently relinquish creative and media buying control of those funds. The result is that those monies are oftentimes poorly spent. We developed a better way for both parties to benefit.

SAM™ is CTM’s user-friendly portal that houses our professionally produced advertising, pre-negotiated media options, and tracking for site engagement and spending. SAM™ provides:

  • Empowered sites and protected sponsors
  • An easy-to-use portal
  • Site advertising support on a local level
  • CTM’s expertise to increase ROI for sites and sponsors
  • Real-time reports that track stipend spending
  • Increased patient flow
  • CTM-produced multi-media study materials customized for each site
  • No cost to sites and reduced sponsor cost compared to central advertising
  • White label opportunities
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