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Patient Recruitment and Retention
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Since 1995, CTM has been a preferred vendor to sponsors, CRO’s, sites and other patient recruitment providers. We are a global clinical trial patient recruitment and retention company with customizable technology and services to suit any project.

Products & Services
Strategic Planning & Management

CTM has formulated clinical trial recruitment and retention plans for over 1100 studies. Our senior management has been a part of each one.

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Creative Development

CTM has produced creative materials for patient recruitment campaigns since 1995. We are experts in motivating potential patients to inquire about clinical studies.

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Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment & Site Support

CTM has been recruiting patients for clinical trials since 1995. We have the experience, expertise, technology, and services to recruit and enroll patients for all indications.

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Patient Screening, Tracking & Retention

CTM offers several options for screening and tracking patients. Whether it’s web, IVR, or call center screening by a nurse, we have the recruitment and retention tools to enroll any study.

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CTM has the technology to accelerate clinical trial patient recruitment and assist in enrollment and retention. We also custom build to suit any client’s needs.

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Therapeutic Areas

CTM has been recruiting patients for clinical trials since 1995. We have what it takes to recruit and retain patients for all therapeutic areas.

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